Construction worker stops wrong way driver, avoids potential disaster

| December 11, 2014

A wrong-way driver stopped in Interstate 275. | Photo: WTSP

A wrong-way driver stopped on Interstate 275. | Photo: WTSP


A construction worker recently put his life on the line in an attempt to save the lives of several travelers on Interstate 275 in Florida. When the worker spotted a wrong-way driver, he did everything he could – including risking his life – to avoid what could have been a disastrous accident, reports WTSP.

“There can be that one person who might make a mistake like she did. As she came toward me – she moved to avoid me – we played a cat and mouse game – she stopped 6 feet in front of the truck, I jumped out, stop stop stop,” said Prince Construction Project Supervisor Ed Heitner, according to WTSP.

The wrong-way driver wasn’t intoxicated, and she wasn’t driving over the speed-limit. It was clear, however, that the 70-year-old driver was extremely confused when Heitner stopped her.

“She was very confused, wanted to leave, I told her to park, and wait for police and they would fix it all,” Heitner said, according to WTSP. “I said do you realize you’re traveling the wrong way, she said no but I have to get to my sisters to get her to the airport.”

Heitner knew there could have likely been a horrible accident had he not stopped the woman.

“I was concerned she would travel past me and hit someone head on. I felt I need to do something so we don’t have a repeat of what’s happening on the interstates. When she stopped I was thankful she stopped,” he said, according to WTSP.

Although the woman was not charged, police could tell she was confused and escorted her safely back home.

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